Game System

How should a beginner build a deck?

We recommend you to form a balanced deck with Tank Troop Cards for defense, Melee / Spear Soldier Cards for short-range attacks、Cavalry Cards for medium-range attacks, and Magic Cards.
There are also powerful Siege Cards that can destroy enemy castle walls.

What's Against War?

Against War is a tower offense card game from Asobimo, Inc. You can build a deck with a variety of cards and battle against your enemies in real-time.

How can I learn about the rules and how to play Against War?

The game includes a basic tutorial.

Are there materials in the game? How can I get them?

You will need various items and materials to strengthen your trroops and other items.
You can get them by winning battles against other users, as well as by winning against AI on "VS A.I.".
In addition, you can get get materials daily by joining a guild and working with guild members to strengthen your Guild Facility.

Do I need to know how to play card games in order to play Against War?

It is not necessary. You can learn the basics of Against War in a few minutes, but as you continue to play and learn how to build different decks, you will be able to get better understanding card combinations that were not apparent to you as a beginner. Therefore, Against War is suitable for both beginners and advanced players.

What type of modes are there?

Against War has an arena where you can play one-on-one against other users and an A.I. battle where you can practice.

Will my data that I create during the soft-launch be reset upon the official release?

No, you will not lose the cards you have collected or your game progress.

How old must I be to play Against War?

You must be at least 12 years old to play Against War. If you are under 18, you must have the consent of a parent or guardian.

Does Against War have any plans to participate in E-sports?

Stay tuned for more information about Against War's participation in E-sports. .

In which languages can I play Against War?

Against War supports four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. You can choose your preferred language in the game settings. We also provide translations in eight other languages, including French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian.And more will coming.

You can change the language in the following two ways.
Title screen [三] mark > [Language setting].
In-game [Social] > [Settings] tag > [Language].

Can I build more than one deck or modify a deck?

Yes, you can.

How can I get cards?

You can get Unit Cards by recruiting soldiers at Recruiting Facility or by purchasing them from the "Card" tab in the Shop.
You can make cards at the Spell Lab with the materials you collect.

How does the Gacha work?

You can purchase Gacha on the "Shop" > "Card" page within the app.
The types and number of cards that you can get are different for each Gacha.

◆Small Gacha
・Normal Card: Maximum of 10 types, total of 80 cards guaranteed
・Rare Card: Maximum of 2 types, total of 8 cards guaranteed
・Epic Card: 0-1 cards obtainable

◆Middle Gacha
・Normal Card: Maximum of 12 types, total of 240 cards guaranteed
・Rare Card: Maximum of 6 types, total of 24 cards guaranteed
・Epic Card: Maximum of 2 types, total of 4 cards guaranteed
・Legendary Card: 0-1 cards obtainable

◆Large Gacha
・Normal Card: Maximum of 7 types, total of 280 cards guaranteed
・Rare Card: Maximum of 8 types, total of 64 cards guaranteed
・Epic Card: Maximum of 3 types, total of 12 cards guaranteed
・Legendary Card: 1 card guaranteed

You will get a set number of cards for each rarity, but you may get multiple cards of the same type.
Therefore, you may get 80 Normal Cards of 3 types, or in rare cases, you may get 80 Normal Cards of only 1 type.

Small Gacha as an example:
You are guaranteed to obtain 80 Normal Cards and 8 Rare Cards. Additionally, there is a 10% chance of getting an Epic Card.

Please make sure to check the contents of each Gacha before purchasing.

Can I contact customer support in other languages if I need help?

We apologize, but our customer support only handles Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean languages.
For inquiries in languages not supported, such as Indonesian or Russian, we will respond in English. Thank you for your understanding in advance.