Can I play with multiple devices?

By linking your data with an Apple ID or Google ID, it will be synchronized between the devices and the game data of the last device you used to play will be saved.
Please note that the Gold you have purchased will no longer be displayed (cannot be used) when you change devices. However, it is not deleted and it will be available again when you return to the device you purchased it from.

What is Account Linkage?

This function protects your account data and allows you to play with it on other devices.
You can link your account with the following methods.

- Google account
- Apple ID

By linking your data, you will be able to retrieve your account data even if you change your device..

How can I link my accounts?

笆シ Steps
1. Tap "Social" on the menu in the Against War app.
2. Tap "Settings".
3. Tap the "Link" button under "Account Linkage" in the "Settings" page.
4. Select the account you wish to link on the pop-up window.
5. Your browser will open, so please enter your account information,
6: Proceed to the page to complete linking your account.

*If you have not created a Google account or Apple ID you will not be able to link your account.

I uninstalled my account without linking it. Is it possible to restore my account?

We cannot restore deleted accounts, so please make sure to link your account.

Can I play with multiple accounts?

We will not provide or guarantee any kind of support when you have multiple accounts.
Any trouble resulting from having multiple accounts is at your own risk.